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Buy-Rite Liquors is your one-stop choice for a diverse inventory of wines from all over the world, spirits from the well-known brands as well as local distilleries, and a large selection of domestic and craft beers. We have over 10,000 products to choose from and a friendly sales staff that will happily assist you with your selections.


Since this pandemic still has us restricted, and it looks like we won't able to do in-store tastings for a while, we are going to reach out to our valued customers in other ways.

To start with, we'll be offering beverage news to you in a weekly blog and newsletter. We will be sharing product specials, wine tidbits, cocktail recipes and assorted other gems to keep you informed on the happenings in our store.

In addition, you'll find Sammy's Buyrite on social media. Please be sure to follow us, like us, and share us with all your friends.

Instagram - sammys.buyrite, Facebook - @buyritewethersfield

If you'd like to receive our weekly newsletter via email, please email us at and provide your email address.

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