Bubbles, Baths & Bellini's

2021 has officially arrived, thank goodness! In addition to the relief of leaving the-year-like-no-other, 2020, in the dust, many of us are inspired to adopt healthier resolutions for the New Year. Dry January has become known as the month for eliminating alcohol from one's diet completely. That may work for some, but there are many paths to cathartic restoration. 

I, for one, will be celebrating National Bubble Bath Day on Jan 8th. Yes, it's a recognized holiday! And, given that getting healthy also includes relieving stress and replenishing our body, mind and soul, I'm thinking it's a perfect way to help restore what the holiday season has depleted. Imagine a lovely, hot tub full of bubbles with a bit of bubbly in your glass. I forsee the beginning of a new tradition!

Visit Sammy's Buy-Rite to pick up a delightful bottle that will pair perfectly with soothing your weary spirit.

Bellini cocktails are made with prosecco and fresh peach puree. Two wonderful winemakers have made it easy to enjoy this delicious, gluten-free, low calorie delight. Just chill and pop the cork!

 $11.99/btl     $13.99/btl

There's something about pink bubbles that appeals to all of our senses. Nothing refreshes the palate, and our sense of equilibrium, better than these stress-relievers - 90+ Sparkling Rose, Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato, and Barefoot Bubbly Pride Brut Rose.

 $9.99/btl       $9.99/btl        $11.99/btl 

Cheers to a healthy New Year!

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