Get your game face on - Feb. 7!!!

Super Bowl LV!! The Big Game 2021 is more special than ever. Not only is this the first time that a team has played on its home field but, with the pandemic lockdown, indoor entertainment has become a life-line for all of us. Surely, the Nielsen ratings for this game will be off the charts. I, for one, can't wait to see what the creatives have come up with for commercials, though I do love a nail-biting, Hail-Mary type of game. Hopefully, the Bucs and the Chiefs will not disappoint!

Just as important is the feast that will be served up as the battle rages on, and of course, the drinks to pair with all that excitement.

No doubt beer, of which Buy-Rite has a huge selection, will be the most significant beverage of choice. But since most of us will be safe in our own homes, how about kicking it up a notch with a delicious fruity, sparkly winter Sangria (excellent recipe follows) or a well-made pre-mixed cocktail?

For those who are still sticking to their New Year's resolutions, Buy-Rite has a number of lower calorie seltzers to enjoy with the food favorites that will grace your snack tables during the game.

Winter Sangria

2 cups no-pulp orange juice

Recipe courtesy of Sunny Anderson, Food Network

  $19.99/750ml    $9.99/750ml

On The Rocks pre-made cocktails are exceptionally well done. I was very pleasantly surprised at how much they tasted like something I would prepare myself. Made with quality spirits, there is nothing wimpy or 'fake' tasting about these cocktails. All you do is open, pour over ice, and enjoy. Couldn't be any easier and there are several mixed cocktails from which to choose. A must have if you just want to relax during the game!


Such a healthy option! Michelob Organic Ultra Seltzer comes in a variety of refreshing, lip-smacking flavors, only has 80 calories per 12 oz. can, and has no sugar or carbs! 


Cheers to the Buccaneers and the Chiefs!


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