Gift giving made easy!

Many of us believe that gift-giving initially had a religious background that started with the birth of Jesus Christ. On the contrary, the practice dates way back to Fred Flintstone's era. Whether it was a rock or an animal tooth, the giving of presents very early-on was a way of expressing one's feelings for another person or for tribal leaders to acknowledge the successes of those in their circle.

Over time, the gifting tradition was used to gain favor from rulers, increase wealth in the afterlife, ensure benevolence from the gods, optimize one's good luck, and to get women married off.  Most importantly, though, it became a way for us to honor the type of relationship we share with others.  

Whether for a boss, an employee, a service provider, a loved one, or even for yourself, during this holiday season, Buy-Rite Liquors offers a myriad of gifting options for everyone on your shopping list. 

Beer lovers will get a kick out of the many local and national-brand holiday brews in the store (I always marvel at the names given to hop juice!).


Spirits are a very special gift for many, especially the artisanal, cask strength and small batch styles.


Who among us does not have a wine-lover in our lives? Buy-Rite's wine shelves are packed with bottles perfect for the newly-enamored or the aficionado on your list.


Themed gift baskets and gift sets that include a variety of tantalizing goodies are always fun to give and even more exciting to receive. Call us at (860) 529-3535 to order a custom-made basket or stop by the store to pick up everything you need to create your own.


 Ho Ho Ho! Happy Holidays to All!


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