Let's Celebrate the Best Celebration Beverage!

October 19th is Global Champagne Day and it's only appropriate that we celebrate the one beverage that appears at every special occasion.

Contrary to popular belief, Dom Perignon did not invent Champagne. He definitely contributed greatly to refining the process and to improving the quality, starting in 1668 when he became the cellar master for the Abbey of Hautvillers. However, the first recorded sparkling wine in France was made by the Benedictine Monks in 1531, which was done by finishing its single fermentation in the bottle.

Even more interesting is that in Winchcombe, England in 1662, a scientist named Christopher Merrett first documented 'how to put the fizz into sparkling wine' and is credited with creating a second fermentation in the bottle by adding sugar and yeast to wine that had completed its initial fermentation. The English also had the technology at that time for making the glass bottles that could withstand the second fermentation, which the French did not. This process is now called the Methodé Champenoise and was not actually used in France's Champagne region until 200 years after Merrett published it.

No matter who takes credit for being the creator, Champagne is a delight that enhances every party experience. The bubbles express the joy we feel when celebrating the milestones in our lives while the citrus-y at the front, and the toasty, almond, brioche flavors at the back tantalize our palates.

Personally, I think Champagne pairs nicely with just about any type of food, but have you ever tried it with potato chips or French Fries? I did so after attending a presentation by a Champagne rep from France who exclaimed over how well bubbles taste with fried foods. He was so right...total harmony!!

Of course, there are more sparkling wine options that are less expensive than Champagne, i.e. Italian Prosecco, Moscato d'Asti, Spanish Cava, U.S. domestic sparkling wine, to name a few. But, given all the wonderful celebrations enhanced by the presence of Champagne, join us for a toast to the time-honored bubbles that bring out the 'party-ness' in all our parties with the very affordable Monsarrat Brut Champagne we're offering at a very special price!

Champagne Monsarrat Grande Reserve Brut

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